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Paul Pears Karate is built on `Traditional Values` and it has everything needed to be an effective Martial Art. It is perfect for adults and children alike, who wants to learn a Self-defence system to protect themselves and their loved ones against any would be attacker! 

"I wanted a Martial Art that adapts to the student, regardless of their ability, something that is easy to learn and very effective on the street".

I gave what I teach a name:
Yu Kang Do and below is a brief description of what it means, there is a full description on the Articles page....

Yu - [Soft], can be  likened to flowing water. Water is soft yet it can erode the strongest of rocks. Water moves in perpetual motion, unrelenting and constantly seeking a path. It rounds angular edges and conserves energy by conserving momentum, maximizing on its powerful energy.

Kang - [Hard], like rock or steel. Without a strong foundation, there is no stability, form or longevity. It also has to do with determination of will, never giving in nor yielding, but always staying focused at the task in hand.

Do - [The Way] or [Way of Life]. Martial Arts training will change the way you move and the way that you think. Anyone practicing our Martial Art, will have a more optimistic and a happier outlook on their life. There are no problems….. Only answers! You do not have to be fit or flexible, that will come with time and the right teaching and training.

We have Adults and Children (from 8 years of age) in our classes and it is where families can train together, as it is one of the few activities that the whole family can do, all at the same time. Regardless of ability, age or fitness levels, Yu Kang Do is achievable and very rewarding!

I believe the two most important things in life that a person can learn and especially children, are... Learn how to swim and learn a Martial Art! Both can save your life and are especially beneficial for your health.

-Master Paul Pears 6th Dan-

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club badge

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The person in the middle is a Karate student, showing that Karate is primarily for Self-Defence.

The Kanji Symbol on the left is Japanese for `Kara-Te` = `Empty-Hand`.

The Red Cross is the Cross of St. George, the patron saint of England.

The Red Circles represent the blood we have running through our veins, `The colour of life`.

The whole badge represents how important the preservation of life is and how we can defend our lives from those that wish to do us physical harm. We also use our skills to help the less fortunate and those that are vulnerable to harm.

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Um-Yang philosophy

img coree 700x450Um-Yang represents a theory that the Korean people believe in. They believe that: within the universe,  there co-exists equal elements of opposites and these are: Light/dark, heaven/earth, right /wrong, love/hate, good/evil, strong/weak etc. The ancient scholars believed that, it is the interaction of these two forces, which makes up the dynamic shape of movement of life that we see all around us. The symbol for the Korean Um-Yang is a red top half and blue bottom half and has a squiggly flowing line through the middle. It has been said that, the symbol represents two dragons swallowing each other in a constant rotational pull that is without any beginning or any end. It is really important to understand that the symbol is not just a circle divided into two halves.

It is always good to note that, the interaction of the different degrees ofopposites, are always equal. All things, human or animal, must learn to co-exist and learn to create a harmonious balance to develop the ultimate good within nature mankind and the universe.

Using the analogy of building a house
Building your 'moral character' and 'physical attributes' are the fundamental basis of Martial Arts and is to my mind, likened to building a house. First you must lay your foundations (Basic techniques, stances and combinations). Then one would build the structure which gives the house strength (forms and their applications). You would not build a house on a foundation of sand or lose gravel, because if you did, the house would surely move or collapse in a heap of rubble. Not learning the basic development of any Martial Art from white belt through to black belt and beyond is like using inferior materials for your houses foundations. It is this concept that the Um and Yang utilises to develop a harmonious balance within "oneself," humanity, nature and the universe.

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Classes & Directions

Tile Hill, Coventry

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